RT @KomadoriCosplay: @LyonHart_ and I are playing through the origional @DevilMayCry <3
I want every string, every crash, every kick, every build, and every break that I create to tell a story from beginning to end, with each piece of sound configured to convey exactly what I feel. My goal as an artist is to simply give back to the community and the genre that has helped me through so much. Trance isn't just something I listen to and produce. It is something I will perpetually breathe, live, and have a passion for. Trance isn't biased. Trance isn't pretentious. Trance is love and it's that exact same love I want to share with the world and express through my music. I do mostly instrumentals for the reason that I like to let the music speak for itself. Each instrument has its own sound that expresses palpable energy and tells a story through its progression. I want to do something to the trance sound that has yet to be done. With this, I want to ensure that people are still able to delve into something personal and unique, whether it is nostalgic or perfectly new. That in itself is how strength is built. That's what I love about music. Everyone can construct an aggregate of experiences through something as seemingly simple as sound.
LocationChapel Hill, North Carolina
EmailDennis Gagliardotto